Most of us have at least one duster at home. These are useful things to have around the house as the fight to eradicate dust never seems to stop! Dusters are basically used to wipe all kinds of surfaces to keep them dust free and to get rid of existing dust.

Although dusters all do the same kind of job there are many different types of dusters you can choose from. In their simplest form a duster is simply a piece of cloth that you can use and reuse. It may need a wash every now and then to clean it up otherwise it won’t be as effective as it was when you first purchased it.

Nowadays a lot of people also use disposable dusters. These are often specially treated when they are made to make them attract and trap dust. These cloths are only meant to be used once and they are then thrown away. These dusters can have a variety of uses. So, for example, you can use them to wipe wooden and laminate floors or you can use them to dust shelves and other surfaces.

The feather duster or modern day equivalents that have long handles are often also used around the home. These dusters are useful for dusting areas that are high up or areas that are hard to reach. Here the duster can collect any hard to get at dust and can help keep nooks and crannies and higher areas clean and dust free.

People use dusters for various purposes. You can, of course, use them to dust shelves, mantelpieces and other general surfaces. Larger dusters or a feather duster can reach higher areas and can be useful on walls if you do develop areas of dust or cobwebs, for example. Floor dusters are useful when you are cleaning floors that are tiled or wooden. These can be easier to use to clean a floor in some cases compared to getting your Hoover out every time a floor needs a wipe.

Although dusters tend to be used dry there are some products here that are designed to be used when wet. This is often the case with floor dusters that can also be used to wash the floor on a basic level to remove dust and basic debris. You may still need to wash your floor periodically to keep it really clean but these can help keep it looking good on a day to day basis.